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Believe it or not…. I’m really listening. Are you?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve never been good at sitting in a meeting, a church or classroom setting and just listening. Whether it’s a teacher, a preacher, or a boss who’s up front talking, I can stick with them for a few minutes, then it’s “check out” time for me. That’s usually the case anyway, unless I’m accompanied by my best friends  a pencil or pen — and anything upon which I can draw…a note pad, scrap of paper, coffee cup, the person sitting in front of me, etc.

I’ve always been a better listener — a good listener, in fact — when I’m drawing. Sure, I’ll take notes if it’s necessary, but that usually becomes so distracting to me, I stop hearing whatever’s being said. With that in mind, I thought I’d share some of my “notes” from church. Had I known I’d someday be showing this stuff, I would have kept more. I’ve thrown or given away dozens, if not hundreds of church coffee cups…not to mention all my “notes” from years of business meetings and seminars.

Listen Up!

I know I can’t be the only one who’s like this…or am I? If you’ve kept some doodles or drawings that have helped you to be a better listener, please email them to me at, so I can post them here for all of us to enjoy.

Better yet, let’s make this a contest…with a real, live judge. Jeff Koterba, cartoonist for the Omaha World Herald, will review your meeting-inspired doodles, scribbles and sketches and declare a winner.   The prize? A styro coffee cup, custom-drawn in a theme of your choice, by yours truly. Email your meeting doodles to me by midnight, August 15, 2013. Jeff will declare the winner shortly thereafter.

So doodle away on whatever’s handy…and keep listening.