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Doodle Contest Winners

Omaha World Herald cartoonist, Jeff Koterba has announced the Grand Prize winner and two runners-up for the Doodle Contest. Congratulations to Cale Oglesby for an awesome bit of doodle work he created while watching people during a poetry reading. First Runner-Up goes to Veronika Richtarcikova. Second Runner-Up goes to Natalie Shea. Congratulations to all! Being the Grand Prize winner, Cale will win a genuine Styro coffee cup, custom doodled by yours truly (the doodle’s theme will be up to Cale). Thanks to all who participated. Keep doodling…I know I will.

Grand Prize Winning Doodle by Cale Oglesby

Cale Oglesby


First Runner-Up

Veronika Richtarcikova


Second Runner-Up

Natalie Shea